Not Your Regular Smart Accessory Brand


Oraimo: Not Your Regular Smart Accessory Brand

For many years, Nigerians have had a sustained beef with locally made smart accessories, most especially earbuds. They’re like the real Yoruba demons and I for one have loathed that. Let me draw the adjoining line between both. They come in different colors looking all shiny and eye-catching, start by making you enjoy every moment with them until they break your heart into a million sorry pieces and hand them over to you.

This experience had scarred many Nigerians until a new player came on board with just enough game to change the entire narrative and turn our gloomy faces into brightly smiling ones.

oraimo isn’t just one of the lifestyle smart brands but a vanguard in the tech space here in Nigeria. The brand has over the years ardently solidified itself as a smart and tech-leading, quality and value providing brand for its consumers. oraimo first became popular for its durable charging bricks and chords. The quality experience that users enjoyed using this product made them…

Source: Linda Ikeji