Switzerland votes to make same-sex marriage legal


Switzerland votes to make same-sex marriage legal

Switzerland has agreed to legalise civil marriage and the right to adopt children for same-sex couples by a nearly two-thirds majority in a referendum, making it one of the last countries in Western Europe to legalise gay marriage.


According to results provided by the Swiss federal chancellery, 64.1 percent of voters voted in favour of same-sex marriage in Sunday’s nationwide referendum.


“It is a historic day for Switzerland, a historic day when it comes to equality for same-sex couples, and it is also an important day for the whole LGBT community,” said Jan Muller of the “yes” campaign committee.


Switzerland is the world’s 30th country to adopt same-sex marriages, and one of the last remaining western European nations to do so. The Netherlands was the first in 2001.


“We are very happy and relieved,” said Antonia Hauswirth of the national committee “Marriage for All”, adding supporters would celebrate in Switzerland’s capital Bern on…

Source: Linda Ikeji