Prince Andrew hires Princeton-educated lawyer famed for making stars legal issues ‘disappear’ to fight claims he sexually assaulted Jeffrey Epstein ‘victim’ Virginia Roberts


Prince Andrew hires Princeton-educated lawyer?famed for making stars legal issues

Prince Andrew has brought more expeirence to his legal team by hiring Princeton-educated female attorney as he prepares to fight the sexual assault lawsuit brought by a Jeffrey Epstein accuser, Virginia Roberts, who claims she was raped by the royal.


Court documents, filed  on Thursday, September 30, and obtained exclusively by, revealed the Duke of York, who denies the claims made against him, has asked Melissa Lerner to join his team. 


Lerner is from Los Angeles-based Lavley Singer – a top law firm known for making celebrities’ legal problems disappear. 


The same day, an attorney for Andrew’s accuser Virginia Roberts said Epstein’s estate had agreed to disclose the details of a secret settlement between her and Epstein, which the duke is arguing could protect him from liability. 


This means, Andrew, 61, has finally recognized he had been served with the legal papers for the  suit after repeated attempts to stall the process by first…

Source: Linda Ikeji