There is no single evidence of God


Every bad child has his good days. I have never liked this dude coz he flaunts his gaydom and provoke sensationalism. But on this point, he’s bang on. Religion thrives whenever there’s hopelessness. And no one knows this better than the clerics who profit immensely from it. Look around you and you’d see why pastors and imams keep banging on about heaven and hell. Who profits from this endless fear of hell? Of course it’s the clerics coz, they use your fear to control your whole life: wife, kids, business, finance, health and extended family. Sexual abuses are rampant coz, congregation members enable their ‘men of God’ with ‘touch not my anointed’. The God as described in the Bible is no longer in service coz, you wonder why bad people get away with horrendous crimes and live longer and innocent ones get slaughtered like chickens without consequences. Here’s my belief: there’s karma coz we are spiritual beings but it’s a selective phenomenon that takes its time to punish…

Source: Linda Ikeji

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