What we have are recycled leaders who have chosen to kill us one by one, we will be standing up to our oppressors starting from Lai Mohammed


Nigerian entertainer, DJ Switch has said that Nigerian leaders are afraid of youths and have failed to create an enabling environment for them to thrive and contribute.

In her speech at the Oslo Freedom Forum, the entertainer referenced Fela Anikulapo Kuti’s 1977 hit song, Zombie, where he likened the Nigerian Army to Zombies, saying they are like ‘mindless zombies following idiotic orders.’

DJ Switch who gained prominence after doing a live video of the Lekki Toll Gate shooting last October, also chided Nigeria’s Minister of Information and Culture who she described as one of the country’s ‘oppressors’.

“As an artiste and a DJ, I listen to music a lot all the time and I am reminded of the legend — the artiste, Fela Anikulapo Kuti. He was known for speaking truth to power with his music and I am reminded of his 1977 song titled, Zombie. Here, Fela likens the Nigerian military to mindless zombies following idiotic orders. It was relevant then, it is relevant today and it…

Source: Linda Ikeji