Our goal is to be the bridge between celebrities and fans


Our goal is to be the bridge between celebrities and fans - Label boss, Yusuf Adebowale Bello

With the passion to setup a functional entertainment platform that would be seamless for both the artistes and label owner; Yusuf Adebowale Bello have revealed that with his Bellyflow Entertainment outfits, artiste will enjoy cordial relationship with the outfit as its sole aim to create and bring pure undiluted entertainment to the people. So also is the fact that the label was also created to be the bridge between celebrities and their fans.


Created in 2015, Yusuf Adebowale Bello disclosed that being in the world of entertainment is a childhood dream and finding an outlet to let out the passion was just his destiny, one, he embraced with both hands. Being born to the popular Bello family of Lagos might have provided some leverage, but his passion was never in question because as soon as Bellyflow Entertainment was launched it hit the ground running with so much up its sleeve.


“Music has always been a part of me. My company’s name, Bellyflow Entertainment, is a…

Source: Linda Ikeji

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