Royal chef reveals surprising secret about serving the Queen’s food


Royal chef reveals surprising secret about serving the Queen?s food

Graham Tinsley, a royal chef who has cooked for Queen Elizabeth on multiple occasions has revealed what it’s like cooking for the British monarch. 


Sharing his experience in an interview with Hello! magazine this week, the Welsh cook said he was required to X-ray Her Majesty’s meals before they were served to her at state dinners.


Tinsley also revealed that the security is usually super tight when the Queen came to dine with other important public figures.


He said; 


“If we were just cooking for the royal family, we weren’t always aware of the security. It only changed if there were heads of state coming over, and then the security was really, really tight.

“If we were catering for a heads of state banquet then all the catering staff would have to meet at a police station and get a motorcycle ride [to the castle].

“For higher-caliber banquets, we’re required to put all our food, containers, knives and kitchen equipment through an X-ray machine……

Source: Linda Ikeji

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