Corpses of kidnapped butchers recovered in Ondo


Corpses of kidnapped butchers recovered in Ondo

The police has recovered corpses of two out of three butchers who were kidnapped in Ala town, Akure North Local Government Area of Ondo State. 


The corpses were found in a bush. It was gathered that the killing was carried out after four butchers were deceived by the assailants to come and buy cows at Ala forest.


Nasiru Jamiu, the only surviving butcher who recounted how the incident occurred, said; 


“The people that used to sell cows to my boss called him to come and buy cows. Though they had been selling cows to him before, it has been long before they had any transaction.

‘We first went to the place on Saturday but the place was a long journey and my boss asked us to come back that he did not feel like going. The guy kept disturbing him and convinced him that they would bring the cows to a nearby place.

“So when he was called yesterday, they told us that some people would come and meet us at Ala town before we would proceed to where the cows were kept.


Source: Linda Ikeji

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