Ex-President Goodluck Jonathan celebrates his 64th birthday in a private jet (photos/videos)


Every nation deserves the kind of leaders it has. I shake my head in amazement when Nigerians idolize past leaders who contributed more to our woes and challenges than they met them. Jonathan is a kind, agreeable, simpleminded man who could at best have been a Christian cleric leading his congregations in prayers and fastings while they seek spurious salvation or at worst a local govt chairman in Bayelsa. Jonathan was unfit as President coz, he’s weak. A common female minister ran rings round him while stealing billions of dollars during his stint. N2bn was used for prayer for his second tenure. WTF. I’d like people to put aside their idiotic tribal and religious sentiments for once and analyse past presidents on their achievements. If Murtala Mohammed could make distinct, everlasting changes within 6 months, why should we applaud Obasanjo who had 11 years at the helm of affairs with nothing major to show for it. His legacy is now being remembered for his badly baked Third Term…

Source: Linda Ikeji

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