Britain’s youngest ever gun killer is jailed for life after the 14-year-old shot dead a 15-year-old schoolboy



A 14-year-old boy who shot 15-year-old schoolboy Keon Lincoln in a gang attack in Birmingham has been jailed for life.


Yussuf Mustapha’s identity was revealed by a judge at Birmingham Crown Court today, Nov. 29.


He is facing a mandatory life sentence alongside three other teenagers convicted of murdering 15-year-old Keon near his home in Handsworth, Birmingham.


Keon was shot at and stabbed after trying to escape the 30-second assault in January this year. He died two hours later at Birmingham Children’s Hospital from a gunshot wound to the stomach.





In a victim impact statement today, Keon’s mother said: “I am in a nightmare that I cannot wake up from. A piece of soul has been taken from me.”


Sentencing, Lord Justice William Davis said the murder had been “carefully planned and executed” using a revolver and a car stolen for use in the killing. 


He added: “Keon’s mother was in the family home, she went out to find her son dying on the pavement having…

Source: Linda Ikeji

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