White paper on Lagos #EndSARS panel report is illegal


White paper on Lagos #EndSARS panel report is illegal - Femi Falana

Human rights lawyer and Senior Advocate of Nigeria, Femi Falana has said that the White Paper the Lagos state government released over the #EndSARS panel report is illegal.


Falana maintained that the report of the judicial panel is as effective as a judgment of the Lagos state high court and can only be challenged in a competent court. He backed the claim by citing section 15 (2) of the Tribunals of Inquiry Law of Lagos State.


The senior lawyer also stated that there were contradictions in the White Paper report. He said; 


“It was my view that since the committee is unknown to law, the members were not competent to edit, modify, alter, edit or reject the report of the commission.

“More so, that the members of White Paper committee did not have the opportunity of taking evidence from the witnesses who had testified before the commission.

“I argued further than that the governor cannot reject the report, summary of evidence and findings of the Okuwobi Judicial…

Source: Linda Ikeji