Police ban use of fireworks and explosives in Imo


Yuletide: Police ban use of fireworks and explosives in Imo

Imo State Police Commissioner Rabiu Huissani has announced a ban on indiscriminate use of fireworks and other explosives in the state.


Huissani made the announcement on Sunday December 12, saying such fireworks and explosives could be life threatening as it might cause heart attacks in aged persons and fire outbreaks .


He also said it might be used as a distraction by criminal to rob or kidnap their victims. The Command’s spokesman CSP Michael Abattam said in a statement; 


“The command will enforce all the extant laws prohibiting the use of ‘ Knockouts ‘, ‘Banger ‘ etc especially this yuletide season.

“It is common knowledge that hoodlums use such Fireworks and Explosives to cause distraction, panic and consequently pandemonium and in the process rob / kidnap unsuspecting victims.

“To forestall crime and criminality in the state parents / guardians are advised to educate and guide their children and wards against the use of fireworks and other…

Source: Linda Ikeji