Why are successful rich women not dating or marrying poor guys?


I have said what women want is prefential treatment not equal treatment, men have been marrying broke women, sponsor them to school, start a business for them, buy car and other things for them, women will say he is an intentional man, he is romantic and caring, by they will never advise women to do same, i saw a tweet last week, a lady tweeted that a guy helped her with accommodation in the past, but she doesn’t know if she should buy him a car, Imagine she is asking people if she should help someone that helped her, another thing is most ladies in the quotes and comments said she should not help him,some came with silly reasons why she should not help him. They tell you in most homes, its mothers that pay the bills but complain the workforce is male dominated, they tell you my husbands money is ours but my money is mine, when a man dies, peoples gather to help the widow, but when a woman dies, no one helps financially, these women complain family members come to take late…

Source: Linda Ikeji