Sit down with me and talk. What are you afraid of? I don’t bite


Sit down with me and talk. What are you afraid of? I don

 Ukraine President, Volodymyr Zelensky has called on Russian strongman Vladimir Putin to sit with him and discuss how to stop the war.

Speaking on Thursday, March 3, Zelenskyy called on the West to increase military aid to Ukraine, saying Russia would attack the rest of Europe otherwise.

“If you do not have the power to close the skies, then give me planes!” Zelensky told a press conference. “If we are no more then, God forbid, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia will be next,” he said, adding: “Believe me.”


Zelensky then emphasized on having direct talks with Vladimir Putin, saying it was “the only way to stop this war” Asking him “what are you afraid of’?

“We are not attacking Russia and we do not plan to attack it. What do you want from us? 

“Please leave our land. If you don’t want to leave now, sit down at the table of negotiations. I am free. Sit down, but not 30 meters away, like with Macron or Scholz. I’m your neighbor … I don’t bite … Sit down with me and talk. What are…

Source: Linda Ikeji