How 9PSB is breaking the Bias to Support Women’s Financial Inclusion


It is common knowledge that women contribute meaningfully to the economic prosperity of any nation, whether as business leaders, employees, consumers, or entrepreneurs. Sadly, women have generally continued to receive the short end of the stick, when it comes to financial inclusion.

According to a 2020 report by EFInA, there is significant difference between the number of men and women who have access to financial services. The figure shows that out of the banked population, 56% of men have access compared to 45% of women, showing an 11.5% gap.

Several factors can be attributed to the gap, ranging from social economic barriers to cultural hindrances. More women are less educated, have no collateral to access loans for their business, are unevenly paid for the same work as their male counterparts and in some cases spend more on the household, therefore, often have less to save.

Consequently, there continues to be an…

Source: Linda Ikeji