Veeki Royce Gradually Becoming Nigeria’s Leading Gospel Artiste


Veeki Royce Gradually Becoming Nigeria

Nigeria’s Gospel artiste Veeki Royce is gradually becoming one of the most recognized gospel artiste in recent time with her mind blowing hits like “On God” ‘Son of God’ and her latest single”Iremide”  trending on major Radio stations nationwide.


It’s no doubt that veeki  Royce who in less than 2 month gained recognition in the Nigeria music industry with her hit single “On God” is the hope set to re-ignite gospel vibes back in Nigeria with her touch of uniqueness.



Veeki Royce Gradually Becoming Nigeria



Latest single Iremide is one song you can’t resist listening to but the biggest fear is, can she face the heat in the Nigeria music industry?



Source: Linda Ikeji