Ukraine Peace talks at ‘dead end’


Ukraine Peace talks at

Russian leader, Vladimir Putin has stated that peace talks with Ukraine is ‘dead’

According to Putin, without a deal acceptable to Russia, his forces would continue their offensive against Ukraine .


Putin’s statement on Tuesday, April 12 comes as Russian forces bombarded Ukrainian military positions and residential areas in the country’s east and unleashed new rocket attacks.

In his first comments on the war in almost a month, Putin said that peace talks had stalled after what he called a “fake” situation in Bucha, a town outside of Kyiv where Ukrainian officials reported the discovery of several hundred dead civilians this month after Russian troops retreated.


Ukrainian and Western officials are pursuing investigations into potential war crimes committed in Bucha and in other formerly Russian-held towns in northern Ukraine before Moscow’s withdrawal at the end of March.

Ukrainian authorities are also investigating allegations by Ukrainian forces that they came…

Source: Linda Ikeji