Uganda announces lockdown as Ebola cases rise


 Uganda announces lockdown as Ebola cases rise

Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni has declared an immediate three-week lockdown in two high-risk districts as the country battles a rise in Ebola infections.


President Yoweri introduced the lockdown for the two districts worst affected by the killer virus, where dozens have already been infected and nearly 20 patients have died.


There is now an overnight curfew, while bars, restaurants, entertainment venues, and places of worship have been closed in Mubende and Kassanda.


Curfews will also be imposed. Places of worship, bars, gyms, saunas and other entertainment venues will close but schools will remain open, he added.


“Given the gravity of the problem and to prevent further spread and protect lives and livelihoods, the government is taking extra measures that require action from all of us,” Museveni said.


The Ugandan health ministry will also increase contact tracing and assistance to local health facilities.


Speaking at a media briefing earlier this month,…

Source: Linda Ikeji