Late Legendary Sound Sultan’s Song Triggers Shocking Tears


Late Legendary Sound Sultan

Emotions ran high, and tears flowed uncontrollably in the last episode of Naija Star Search when Toms delivered a solemn resonating rendition of late Sound Sultan’s hit song, ‘Motherland.’


Legendary Sound Sultan died last year from complications of Angioimmunoblastic T-cell lymphoma in the throat. He was notable for using his music to speak against Nigeria’s poverty, corruption, bad governance, and societal ills.


Whilst his memory lingers on, his imagery comes alive in Toms’ voice as though it was Sound Sultan himself performing on stage. Toms, widely referred to as ‘small but mighty alias ‘Omo-Maamé’ took the show to a crescendo of emotions.


Late Legendary Sound Sultan


Judges, Keke Ogungbe and ID Cabasa, couldn’t control their emotions. All attempts to stay strong failed, bursting into tears. Eventually, they had to excuse themselves from the stage immediately after the performance to cool off.The touching performance even punctured the toughness of the third judge, Asha…

Source: Linda Ikeji