Woman avoids jail after falsely accusing man of rape


Woman avoids jail after falsely accusing man of rape

A woman avoided jail after she blackmailed a man for cash by falsely accusing him of rape.


Chelsea Orton, 22, left her victim relying on antidepressants after he suffered abuse following her lies.


The woman confessed to blackmailing the man, who cannot be named, out of £200 between July and August 2019.


Orton went as far as telling the man’s family that he raped her to try and back up her story.


The victim got so desperate he changed his number in an effort to stop Orton from contacting him.


It was only after the victim confided in a colleague about the blackmailing that they suggested he go to the police.


The victim finally built up the courage to report her to the police.


Then on August 5, Orton also went to the police and claimed she had been raped, triggering a police investigation into the alleged rape before the alleged blackmail.


Prosecutor Caroline Harris said: “The defendant was interviewed and she accepted that the telephone number was hers…

Source: Linda Ikeji