Stay away from polygamy. There is no advantage. Just chaos and drama


Seraki Kemmonye Seraki, a popular polygamist pastor from Botswana has said that there is no advantage in polygamy though he has been accused of ‘eating two plates.’

In a Facebook post on Wednesday, December 14, Seraki, who is married to two wives, Kagiso and Mpho, lamented the chaos and drama that comes with polygamy. 

“THERE IS NO ADVANTAGE IN POLY-FAM! I have been accused of all sorts of things, from eating two plates to swimming in extra fats like a kidney, though I cannot confirm nor deny the accusations, my dear brother don’t get tempted, there is no advantage in this thing!,” he said.


Today I saw things! “T Sekati, S Sekati, P Sekati…..uhu, naare golo mo ke family ya motho a le 1”? Exclaimed the security guard! I pulled my wives together with the kids as we slid into the Immigration hall! There was some murmuring! “O irang ka bana ba ba kanakana”! “Thaaka basadi ba mothaka yo ba bantle jang, wa yaka o ba loile”!


Then the process of filling forms, quing here and…

Source: Linda Ikeji