Nigerians in the U.S. celebrate President Buhari as he turns 80 today


Abike Dabiri the useless woman who has been blinded by hypocrisy, greed and stupidity!!! You won’t believe how this same woman fought against the GEJ administration calling it corrupt and all sorts of evil names but see how she immediately jumped into the ship of Buhari and has remained silent on his awful and destructive administration, her position as the chairman or minister of Nigerians in diaspora has only made her full of herself, arrogant, disrespectful and insulting to the Nigerians she was supposed to represent. See how she’s worshipping and celebrating a catastrophe of a president. She will definitely eat the evil fruit of her labour one day. And all those saying they’re Nigerians celebrating Buhari, you will meet your waterloo soonest.

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Source: Linda Ikeji