Lovely video of Davido and Chioma sharing a kiss in Qatar


Nice. Happy that Chioma is getting back on her feet after such a terrible loss. I just hope that this her wandering naked penis can understand that he took marriage vows which entails promising to be faithful to our wives. Hope that he will not go and break the poor girl’s heart all over again by impregnating another woman before Chioma gets pregnant and after her disastrous loss. She has been through so much and does not need that kind of hassle to increase her pain. No problem with polygamy but when you make a woman believe that your body and soul belong to only her and expect her to keep those same vows but then you go around chooking her property inside different women, well, it breaks a woman’s heart each time until there is nothing left to break. So, if we know that one woman cannot reach us, please let us do full disclosure and find woman that will agree to share penis from the onset because no sane from woman that got there first will like that. It is usually the…

Source: Linda Ikeji