“I’m a mom now” Man legally changes his gender to get custody of his daughters



An Ecuadorian man has changed his gender to help him win the custody of his daughters who currently live with their mother.


René Salinas Ramos, 47, is facing legal proceedings for the custody of his daughters.


Ramos told Ecuadorian news outlet La Voz del Tomebamba that the laws in his country favour mothers over fathers when it comes to children’s custody battles. So, he decided to legally change his gender.


His official documents now lists his gender identity as “FEMENINO” (female).




Ramos alleged that his daughters were living in an abusive environment with their mother. He said that he hasn’t met them in over five months.




“The laws say that the one who has the right is the woman. As of this moment, I am female. Now I’m also a mom, that’s how I consider myself,” Ramos told local media.


He added, “I am very sure of my sexuality. What I have sought is that I want to be a mother, so that I can also give the love and protection of a…

Source: Linda Ikeji