Mr Ibu’s “adopted daughter” Chioma Jasmine hits back at his wife’s allegations of infidelity (video)


Mr Ibu

Chioma Jasmine has spoken up after being accused of being Mr Ibu’s side chic, not his daughter.

Chioma, a popular TikToker, has gone viral multiple times due to her relationship with Mr Ibu.

However, Mr. Ibu’s wife Stella Maria Okafor, released a video on Friday, Feb. 3, to accuse the actor of infidelity and physical assault.

In the video, Mr Ibu and Stella are seen heatedly arguing about Chioma.

In an interview with Daddy Freeze, Chioma Jasmine, Mr Ibu, and Mr Ibu’s older sons all spoke to deny the allegations that Chioma is Mr Ibu’s side chic. They all said that Chioma is Ibu’s adopted daughter.

Speaking, Chioma Jasmine revealed that while she was taking care of Mr. Ibu when he was terribly sick in the hospital, the wife was nowhere to be found.

She added that when the wife visited the hospital, it was to complain about the money being spent on his health.

Chioma said Stella Maris asked why they were spending all that money and told them to bring it so she can take care of her…

Source: Linda Ikeji