Putin could deploy more powerful nuclear weapons in Belarus


Putin could deploy more powerful nuclear weapons in Belarus - President Lukashenko boasts

Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko has stated that Russia could place powerful strategic nuclear weapons in Belarus, on top of the tactical nuclear warheads Moscow is already planning to deploy there.


Russian President Vladimir Putin announced last week that Moscow would complete the construction of a storage facility for tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus by the beginning of July

Speaking during a national address on Friday, March 31, Lukashenko welcomed Russia’s move, announcing he had intensified talks with Putin about deploying both tactical and strategic nuclear weapons in the country.


While tactical warheads are designed for use in a limited battlefield, for example to destroy a command post or a column of tanks, strategic nuclear warheads are designed to destroy entire cities and as at press time Russia has not announced any plans to send strategic nuclear weapons to Belarus.


Lukashenko, who has been asking Putin for nuclear weapons for a while, claimed Belarus…

Source: Linda Ikeji