They wanted to maltreat her to teach her mother a lesson


Sophia, may God give you peace. May you find the closure you need to move on. Advise though, don’t poison this innocent girl’s mind. Whatever is going on is between you and her dad, keep her away from your brouhaha if not, she will end up with bitterness and resentment, not only towards her father, paternal family and siblings but also towards the world as a whole.A major percentage of the time ,human dysfunctional behaviour is a function of the foundation and childhood perceived or real trauma. Take a clue from Mama Hailey she is your co-baby Mama but you will hardly see her flaunt any misunderstanding between her and Hailey’s dad. There are so many women out there whose Baby daddies are not part of their children’s lives (not supporting that) but they have moved on and are more driven to succeed because of this, you don’t see them throw jabs and subs. in public ,how are you different from that silly girl (Anita),who went about all over social media like a rabid dog, screaming…

Source: Linda Ikeji