Chocolate could help with weight loss and prevent Alzheimer’s, New study reveals


Chocolate could help with weight loss and prevent Alzheimer?s, New study reveals

A chemical found in chocolate called theobromine has many benefits for the body and the brain.

According to a study from Zhengzhou University in China published April 1 in the Journal of Functional Foods, Theobromine found in cocoa beans, is anti-inflammatory, high in antioxidants and can protect the brain from Alzheimer’s.


Scientists also say that theobromine can counter the impact of high cholesterol levels on memory and cognitive function.

Theobromine can cross the blood-brain function to potentially boost brain function as well as mood and fight against depression.


“Theobromine has demonstrated neuroprotective properties, the ability to prevent neuronal damage, and enhancements in motor memory and cognitive regulatory functions,” the study authors wrote.

“Given its low incidence of side effects and minimal harm to the human body at appropriate doses, theobromine and its derivatives show promise as effective agents for preventing brain-related disorders, presenting…

Source: Linda Ikeji