My PM said Junior Pope was given a life jacket but he didn’t take it saying it was dirty


My PM said Junior Pope was given a life jacket but he didn?t take it saying it was dirty - Movie producer, Adanma Luke (video)

Adanma Luke, the producer of the movie Jnr Pope and four others were working on before they died in a boat mishap on April 10, says her Production Manager told her that on the day of the incident, actor Junior Pope was offered a life jacket to wear before they boarded the boat but that he rejected it stating that it was dirty.


In a video she shared on Instagram today, April 13, Adanma said;

‘’Ogolo is my PM. I gave him money to buy things that were needed. because I don’t do all that myself. I give money to my Production Manager, he handles everything from bringing out artists, transportation, feeding….he does all that.

On that said day,  Emeka the DOP was on a life jacket. There was still one life jacket I don’t know who took it. My PM said that day, they saw a life jacket hanging there and they took it. He said he even told late Friday to give Junior Pope and Junior Pope said it was dirty so he didn’t take it. These people with life jackets survived.”

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Source: Linda Ikeji