15 Barack Obama and Joe Biden memes you MUST see to get you through the next 4 years



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Obama and Joe Biden
Obama and Joe Biden. Photos: Instagram/Obama.Biden

Okay for those of you still on the know, soon-to-be ‘ex’ vice president of America, Joe Biden has been making waves on the Internet following Donald Trump‘s victory as the new presidential elect.

Joe has been used to create all sort of meme captions alongside his boss, Barack Obama, who plays the cool headed guy in these memes trying to urge Joe to calm down…

The Internet sure has no chill!

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Meanwhile, enjoy the memes that have been created using these leaders…

When Joe realised that his face was taking over the meme world

Obama and Joe Biden

When Trump’s car pulled up to the White House and Joe wanted to play hide-and-seek

Obama and Joe Biden

When he played a little prank on the president-elect

Obama and Joe Biden

When Hillary was over it

Obama and Joe Biden

When he wanted to keep an eye on things

Obama and Joe Biden

When he decided to fuck up Trump’s navigation to the White House

Obama and Joe Biden

And Joe be…


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