How to identify the Irose and Olivia in your life


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May that fake friend not be your end

Two nights ago, Irose and Olivia, two ‘friends’ who fell apart, decided to air their disgustingly dirty laundry on Twitter. The whole situation was as entertaining as it was disturbing – even more so because these two who were throwing this amount of dirt at each other in front of a cheering crowd, had at some point, referred to each other as “friend”.

Irose and Olivia managed to take the term ‘fake friends’ to a whole other level that night but it’s really nothing new. Most, if not all of us have had (still have) an Irose and Olivia in our lives.

If you’re yet to identify these enemies posing as friends in your life, here are some traits you should be looking out for.


They’re usually the first to call when misfortune strikes and the last when something good happens to you.

Watch out for these ones. They’re the first on the scene when you’ve either lost a job, a…

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