234StarHelpline: My Wife’s Boss Is Spoiling Her With Expensive Gifts & I Don’t Know What To Do


I hear a lot of men say stuff like “I can’t cry because of a woman”, but that is because they’ve not been in my shoes. My heart is bitterly crying as I’m sharing this story with you.
My wife’s boss picks and drops her everyday to and from work. At first I thought it was a good idea because it will help reduce the cost of transportation and it was convenient for her, considering the fact that we’re not financially buoyant enough to afford a car. But things started to change later. Whenever i want to go on an outing with my wife, she refuses with the excuse that bikes are inconvenient for her and she can’t hustle to enter danfo buses. Knowing how fragile my wife is, I understood perfectly. But, as her boss continued to pick and drop her, I began to realise that whenever both of us were having a conversation, she always found a way to talk about her boss. It started becoming uncomfortable but I didn’t want to act like a…

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