234Star Helpline: I Caught My Boyfriend Having Sex With His “Sister”


Hello 234Star,

I caught my boyfriend having sex with his sister, I couldn’t believe my eyes but it suddenly dawned on me that he fooled me all this while, I was suspecting that something was wrong but I just had to force my self to trust him and I feel so stupid for letting him deceive me.

My boyfriend and I started dating earlier this year, in February, he had told me that he relocated from Port Harcourt to Lagos last year to hustle and his family members are still staying there.

Everything was fine with us but I realized that most night I spend with him, he spends a long time on the phone talking to someone, when I got to know it was a girl, he told me it was his sister, his immediate younger sister whom he is so close to and showed me pictures of her, I believed him and didn’t have any problem with him checking up on her.

A few months ago, my boyfriend asked me to borrow him some money to add to the one he has because he…

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