5 Things You Need To Know About Backyard Fashion Show


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A few weeks ago, Heineken hosted the biggest fashion week of the year and now the international premium beer brand is set to take it a step further by showcasing young and talented designers at the Backyard Fashion Show.


The show is set to feature some of the best underground designers in the fashion scene and many are already having high expectations for the showcase.


As we inch closer to the show this Sunday, here are five (5) things you need to know about the Backyard Fashion Show.





While the Backyard restaurant officially opened its doors back in May 2017, the fashion show will be having its first edition this Sunday.


Hosted at Backyard restaurant, this inaugural edition will bring together some of the very most creative fashion designers in the country.


Heineken’s decision to sponsor this show after the huge success of the Lagos Fashion week shows that the…

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