M.I Abaga’s ‘Talk About It’ Album: A Captivating History By His First Manager


In the early 2000s, M.I Abaga was a US returnee who had shelved the idea of pursuing a career in comedy because no one laughed at his jokes. Rap was a second choice which he explored while in college via school events and a rap contest wherein he finished third place.

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By the late 2000s, M.I Abaga had become an indomitable force in the Nigerian hip-hop scene with his instant classic debut album, Talk About It – a socially-charged project that screamed intelligence, an unprecedented lyrical capacity, metaphorical finesse, yet democratized.

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The brilliant 18-track album was a game changer! Today December 1st 2018 marks the 10th anniversary of the widely acclaimed album and in commemoration, we tapped M.I Abaga’s first formal manager, Agwu Obinna who goes by the moniker, Angry Mob.

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Obinna Agwu

The seasoned talent manager who began working…

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