#TheOtherRoom: He Showed Me You Can Be A Virgin Twice


He is not an everyday kind of guy, Tayo. He’s not even an every year kind of guy.  He’s a lifetime kind. I like to think he’s the kind you get as a reward for a great good you did in your past life and I tell you, not everyone did a great good in their past life.

‘Where are we going?’ he had asked me the first time we met. Not ‘what’s your name?’, not even ‘where are you going’. You see there was a ‘we’ from the moment our eyes first kissed. I was on my way back from work that night and it was at the place I hated most, the roadside market where there was always so much hassle and tussle. There were car horns honking, traders screaming at the top of their lungs, bodies rubbing and people hurrying.

I always make my passage there as quick as possible and it was in my usual rush that I met him. He was coming my way and I was going his and when our eyes locked, I felt alone with him, the market no longer there….

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