Prioritising education only key to development – Don


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By EricJames Ochigbo

A Trustee of the Nigerian Academy of Education (NAE) Emeritus Prof. Otonti Nduka has said that Nigeria must prioritise education if the nation hopes to attain its developmental objectives.

In an interview with our correspondent in Abuja on Thursday, Nduka said education had been relegated to the background for too long and it had resulted in the problems being witnessed in all sectors and at all levels.

He said that although he was an optimist, he feared that the nation was not ready to address the problems of education now and even in the nearest future.

“I am an optimist but from what has been happening, there has not been much prospect of getting out our problems anytime soon.

“I hope we would get there some day but it is a very long time from now for I have not seen any real move to do so,” he said.

Nduka said that there was no state in Nigeria that was treating its education ministry as a priority.

According to the elder…

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