Bill Gates stuns audience with jar of poop


Founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates who is also one of the world’s richest men and most active philanthropists stunned an  audience in Beijing Tuesday when he brandished a jar of human waste.

It was at a forum on the future of the toilet.

The stunt was an effort to draw attention to a problem affecting developing countries around the world: not enough toilets.

“In places without sanitation you have got way more than that,” Gates said, pointing to the faeces inside the clear canister resting on a table.

“And that’s what kids when they are out playing, they are being exposed to all the time, and that’s why we connect this not just with quality of life, but with disease and death and with malnutrition,” he told attendees.

The billionaire said more than half of the world’s population suffers without clean, comfortable sanitation facilities.

“When you think of things that are basic right up there with health and enough to eat, you think that having a reasonable…

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