Internet inventor Berners-Lee plans new web platform to bypass Google


Tim Berners-Lee: the man who invented the world wide web in 1989: plans new web platform to bypass Google

Tim Berners-Lee, the British computer scientist who invented the internet in 1989 is about to launch  another  invention: an open source web platform that will allow users bypass tech giants such as Google and Facebook.

He has just launched Inrupt, a start-up which is building the open source platform called “Solid”.

The platform, in his conception,  will decentralise the web and allow users to choose where their data is kept, along with who can see and access it.

Solid intends to allow users to bypass Google and Facebook. The two tech giants now have direct influence over nearly three quarters of all internet traffic thanks to the vast amounts of apps and services they own such as YouTube, WhatsApp and Instagram.

Berners-Lee spoke in Lisbon Monday at a web summit and lamented the widespread abuse many users have turned the internet.

Berners-Lee, who in 1989…

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