Argentine teams shun Madrid’s Bernabeu for SuperClasico


Boca Juniors captain Pablo Perez in base cap, wears a bandage on the face after the bus attack by River Plate fans

Argentina’s River Plate have joined rivals Boca Juniors to rejact CONMOBEL’s directive to play the Copa Libertadores final second legal in Madrid.

The match between the Argentine arch-rivals has been moved to Real Madrid’s Santiago Bernabeu stadium after it was twice postponed last weekend after River Plate fans attacked the Boca Juniors team bus.

The game is due to be played in the Spanish capital on December 9, but River Plate said they “confirmed their rejection of the change of location”.

In a statement on the club’s website, River said it was “incomprehensible” that the game had been moved to Spain.

River said the club bore no responsibility for the “faults in the security operation” for the high profile fixture in Buenos Aires.

“It is incomprehensible that the superclasico cannot take place as normal in the same country where a G20…

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