Close up: Fayulu the man who cries foul in Congo


Martin Fayulu, Congolese opposition presidential candidate, who cries electoral fraud

Much responsibility for shaping Democratic Republic of Congo’s post-election future now lies with a former oil executive, Martin Fayulu who made a stellar rise from political obscurity.

Fayulu insists that electoral fraud has cheated him of the presidency of sub-Saharan Africa’s biggest country.

A fiery orator who made his name during months of protests against President Joseph Kabila, Fayulu went from being a relative nobody to being the alternative face of DRC’s opposition.

One of Kabila’s most vociferous critics, the 62-year-old ran as a unity candidate for a handful of opposition parties in the December 30 vote, taking the few opinion polls by storm.

But when the provisional results were announced on Thursday, the surprise victor was his rival Felix Tshisekedi, son of the country’s late opposition leader, who won with 38.57% of the vote, with Fayulu coming a close second with…

Source: News Agency of Nigeria