Rockefeller, Dalberg move against job crisis


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Rockefeller Foundation has decided to intervene in Africa’s unemployment challenge and therefore announced a meeting of stakeholders to brainstorm on how to alleviate the crisis.

The Foundation, a world-renowned charity, is facilitating the meeting with Dalberg Group, an organisation that provides strategic, policy, and investment advice to the leadership of key global institutions.

They are to focus on advancing initiatives that recognize the role of data science in addressing systemic challenges linked to unemployment and the future of work in Africa.

Africa is home to the world’s youngest and fastest-growing population with projections of more than 375 million young people in the job market by 2030.

Dalberg and the Rockefeller Foundation have found that within a few decades, this demographic dividend will increase the size of Africa’s workforce to more than a billion people, making…

Source: News Agency of Nigeria