South African displays madness, attacks Schwarzenegger


Arnold Schwarzenegger in snapchat in Sandton when he was attacked by a South African

71-year-old American actor and politician, Mr Arnold Schwarzenegger, was jolted on Saturday when he was attacked in South Africa.

In a tweet by Danie Barnard @DaanBarnard, 71 year old #Arnold Schwarzenegger was attacked in Sandton #SouthAfrica few hours ago. SA is a dangerous and violent country always be vigilant.

Apparently a fan or an intruder tried a flying double kick to hit his back.

Also @ChristoThurston said: “So today, someone, somewhere in Mzansi, woke up, thought he is in a new Terminator movie to have 2 missions:

1. I will show the world my fly kicking skills
2. My target will be Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger was in South Africa to attend and promote…

Source: News Agency of Nigeria