EU citizens in UK denied vote in European elections



EU citizens in UK denied vote in European elections

Rights groups have condemned the chaotic scenario, saying UK authorities have failed to guarantee the vote. Britons in the EU’s 27 other countries also experienced irregularities, including postal votes “gone missing.”

Hundreds — if not thousands — of non-British EU citizens were turned away from polling stations on Thursday after being told they were not registered to vote in the United Kingdom for the elections of the European Parliament.

The main reason given by polling station workers was that the would-be voter’s form had not been processed in time. However, in some cases, local authorities admitted they had made errors.

“The Electoral Commission, local authorities and the Government in Westminster have failed despite multiple warnings over the last six weeks,” said The 3 Million, a lobby group for the rights of EU citizens living in the UK.

The British Electoral Commission,  however, rejected…

Source: News Agency of Nigeria