Tonto Dike tasks Buhari for more youths, women in policies.


By Lucy Ogalue

Tonto Dike,  Director, Socials and Empowerment Committee of Youths on Mobilisation and Sensitisation (CYMS),  has urged  President Muhammadu Buhari to include more youths and women in policy making in the country.

Dike made the call at the monthly National Policy and Development Summit (N-PoD) held in Abuja on Tuesday.

”Growing up,  I heard that children are the leaders of tomorrow,  so it’s  only just fair in time that children start to get included for the things they are going to encounter in future.

”I always believe in leadership and I believe in hierarchy in leadership.  I believe in who has being there tutoring who is going to come in.

”Including our youths in office actually means having a sector where youths can participate in policy and decision making.

”We want to hear that we belong,  we want to know that we are responsible and be included in things that matter in the country,” she said.

She noted that the women…

Source: News Agency of Nigeria