Guyana addressing rising cost of living- President Ali


President Irfaan Ali of Guyana says his Government will have a national consultation on the best options to address the rising cost of living, with the intent of easing financial difficulties on Guyanese.

At a meeting with a cross-section of stakeholders in Georgetown, he said this would allow for open and frank discussions in addressing “this multifaceted problem that we are faced with”.

He was addressing the global challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, which are now heightened by the Russian-Ukrainian crisis.

“So as if COVID-19 was not enough, the war in Ukraine came upon us, taking out close to 40% of global wheat production, taking the price of oil to as much as $126 per barrel, driving up the costs of transportation and cutting off supplies.”

Ali assured that the government was “aggressively” tackling the issues and examining the best approaches.

“We have already started discussions, and the Government will be continuing that aggressively…

Source: News Agency of Nigeria