Strengthening Nigeria’s Public Health Systems Resilience


By Racheal Abujah, News Agency of Nigeria (NAN)

Building resilient public health systems is crucial for effective response to emergencies and preparing for future challenges.

Thirty-seven years old, Mr Anthony Yohanna, a plumber, lives at Iche near Kagarko, a town on Abuja-Kaduna highway.

Like many families in the area, his family heavily relies on subsistence farming for livelihood.

Because they live in a rural community, access to healthcare services is a major challenge for Yohanna and his family members.

The COVID-19 pandemic further exposed the gaps in the public health system in his community.

When the first cases of COVID-19 were reported in Nigeria, he said his family quickly realized the potential impact it could have on their lives.

“We witnessed the panic and fear that gripped our community as rumours spread rapidly.

“With limited access to accurate information, we were unsure about the necessary precautions to take and the symptoms to watch out for,” he told the…

Source: News Agency of Nigeria