Constitution Amendment: Why Local Government Autonomy Should Top Agenda


By Kayode Adebiyi, News Agency of Nigeria (NAN)

From the early years of Nigeria’s route to into nationhood when Order in Council (London) made laws for it as a Crown Colony, politicians have strived to produce a constitution that meets the citizens’ aspirations.

Right from Clifford Constitution (1922) to Richards (1946), Macpherson (1951), Lyttleton (1954) down to Independence Constitution and the most recent, the 1999 Constitution, agitation for constitution amendment has never ceased.

Although it is practically impossible to have a perfect constitution however, the more loopholes are noticed in the implementation of any constitution the more the need for its amendment.

Since Nigeria’s return to democracy in 1999, many Nigerians have advocated the review of the 1999 Constitution following observed flaws.

The closest comprehensive effort to that effect was the Goodluck Jonathan administration’s 2014 National Conference whose recommendations were expected to be…

Source: News Agency of Nigeria