One Year After: The Legacy Man And His Strides


One year after: the Legacy Man and his strides

By Bayo Onanuga
One year after being in the saddle, President Bola Ahmed Tinubu will be the first person to admit that the ride has been bumpy.

He is also the first to say he is unfazed by the turbulence as he remains focused on the marathon of the next three years. The past year has been months of baby steps, months of laying the foundations for the next three years of canter.

As Nigeria’s 16th President, Tinubu, during his campaign for the office, said he would make difficult decisions and that running the country would not be business as usual.

From day one, he sought to fulfill his promises, beginning from his earthshaking ‘subsidy is gone’ announcement at the Eagle Square, on the day he was sworn in.

The announcement reverberated around the country and beyond. He was not just actualising a promise he made. He was also affecting the consensus of all the major candidates in the 2023 election that the several decades…

Source: News Agency of Nigeria