All fraud, corruption, reflect federal character, says Osinbajo


Vice-President Yemi Osinbajo said on Tuesday that no one in the country carried out any fraud or corrupt practice without making it to reflect the federal character.

Osinbajo made the statement in his keynote speech in Abuja at the presentation of a book “Anatomy of Corruption in Nigeria, Issues, Challenges and Solutions,” edited by Mr Yusuf Ali (SAN).

“Look at any typical case of fraud of corruption, you will never find three Igbo men or three Yoruba men or three Hausa-speaking men.

“You will find federal character.

“They are all represented; you will find the Igbo man, Fulani man, Hausa man and Yoruba man.

“And you will also find amongst them Christians and Muslims.”

He advocated that the Nigerian elite who had the special privilege of education and position should use the responsibility of the privilege to fight everything that distorted and killed the economy and the people.

Osinbajo said corruption must be recognised for what it is and treated as such by making “no excuses about it and fighting it with determination”.

He gave an assurance that the Muhammadu Buhari administration was determined to fight corruption.

He noted that in spite of criticisms, the administration would leave a legacy in the nation of a government that chose to stand by truth and chose to stand by doing things right.

The vice-president also agreed with the saying that corruption arose out of leadership problem which was beyond politics and included religious, judicial and social aspects.

He said unless there was a determined effort to fight corruption across religious and political lines, the country would remain in a continuous circle of corruption and economic adversity.

Osinbajo said Buhari was one person who would resist the increase in petrol pump price but had no choice than to allow it at this time.

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Source:: Nigerian Pilot